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The Flight Simulator World Tour featuring FS98, FS9, FSX X-Plane 11, and more!


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These are the first videos of my rather ambitious tour around the world featuring FS98, FS9, FSX, XP11, and many others. The goal is to fly throughout every state, country, territory, island, and continent. At the end of every X-Plane flight (except the first one), there is a fun documentary where we virtually drive into the town/city to do sight-seeing, visit local attractions, and check out the local food. Why? Quite simply, I wouldn't be able to do this in real life. The series is an adventure for me, and one that will take many years to complete. I also want to relive some fun memories I had with the classic flight simulators as well as make new ones. I want to share this experience with others who love and grew up with Flight Simulator, or those who just love traveling. Each simulator follows the same flight plan, so that you can see and experience the same areas throughout all the versions of Flight Simulator.


The world tour is also being done on FS4, FS5, FSW95, FS2000, and FS2002. FS2 and FS3 will follow as much as they possibly can due to the limited coverage of SubLogic scenery disks. FS1 is also featured, but it isn't being labeled as a World Tour.


Each simulator I try to push to it's limits in regards to expansions, downloads, and mods. Each one has its own unique take on the tour, so they aren't just flying "default" scenery. Examples would be custom made airports for FS4 and FS5, RealATC and ProFlight 98 for FS98, ProFlight 2000 with FS2000, FScene used with FS2002 and FS2004, Orbx FTX Global used with FSX, and orthophotos being used on XP11. (P3D is planned, and it will also have its own unique version of the world tour.) There's a lot of work that goes into these videos to rekindle that old flame with the classic simulators, relive old memories, and create all new ones.


Most notable is that I'll be featuring various scenery and aircraft that I've been able to find in the libraries here. I'll also be doing reviews of scenery, utilities, and aircraft across the various simulators.


20 legs of the World Tour have been released with new ones coming out every Saturday. Not all of the simulators are embedded in this thread, but you will be able to find them on my channel in their own playlists.


I hope you enjoy them, and I hope it brings back some fun memories from the past. We all started with Flight Simulator somewhere, and for me... it was SubLogic Flight Simulator II for the Commodore 64.





















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