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Purchasing X-Plane 11 'Vanilla' Vs. 'Aerosoft' Version


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Hello XP11 Users,


I just bought a gaming computer to specifically run XPlane11 with add-ons for realism and complexity for training purposes.


I will be purchasing the DVD version (for sure); and I have to, since I don't have the best internet connectivity.


I have come accross 2 versions of the Sim out on the market. The regular, vanilla version Xplane11 as can be downloaded here, and an Aerosoft version with 3 airport add-ons, which can be found on Amazon.


My questions are:


1. Will I still receive the same Tech Support from Xplane, AS LONG AS it has nothing to do with the Aerosoft add-ons, if I decide to purchase the Aerosoft version? ...Or does it get delegated to Aerosoft?


2. Regarding Aerosoft: Will I receive the updates at the same time at the original version?


3. Regarding Aerosoft: If I have an issue with the Product Key (if there is one), who do I turn to?


4. Other than the add-ons what are the PROS and CONS of buying one over the other?


5. Regarding Aerosoft, the aforementioned "New Scenarios and Interface" (found on the Aerosoft cover), refers to the XPlane platform, or to the Aerosoft expansive product?


I want to make sure that I'm doing my market research properly, and purchasing the best product for me, and if I can get more for my money, I would consider it. But if this poses disadvantages on Customer Support, I would prefer to go for the original.


Thanks a lot, and have fun!



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