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Anyone know how to download from 'Simmershome'??


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There are some nice airports on that site and I registered there today. I still get a message though, even when I am logged in and go to just a forum topic, saying (as far as I understand the German - my German is OK but hardly fluent - difficult for me to 'browse' there) that I don't have the right to access that page.


Googling informs me that I need to register with the 'Zero Shop' (??) but although I did find a reference to the shop on the site, I am continuously being told I have have the right to read stuff. Why do they make it so hard? I have given up for now...


Does anyone know, step-by-step if possible, how I can get to download some of the 'goodies' there?


Many thanks for any help with this.



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Thanks, but in the end it's not the language that's the problem (my German used to be pretty good, but after some 20 years not using it, it is, well, rather 'rusty'!) - I can't see how to gain access to the downloads in any language. What more do I need to do other than register for the forum. Can't find any registration or details about a 'shop'....
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