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MOON IS GONE - Someone stole my moon HELP


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FSX - Not sure when it disappeared but my Moon is MIA. I don't do allot of night flying but when I do, I'd like to see the moon. However, day time flying the Sun is Very Bright, at least it's not gone.


I run FSX-SE, ORBX, REX4 Soft Clouds.


I downloaded an HD Moon Texture file & was going to install it but as I always do before I install something new, I start the sim & take a look at what I'm going to replace or area I'm adding too. I fired up the sim, set to Night, 2 a.m. EST, Clear Weather, Airport KPVD. I tried different dates & times, still No Moon. Maybe I should check to see if it's Moon Over Miami LOL.


So, I made a back up copy of my Default Moon Textures and Installed the New HD Moon Textures. Still No Moon.


I removed the fsx.cfg file to see if it would generate a new one and maybe fix the problem, (got the idea from another post here about missing moon), that didn't work either, still No Moon.


Any ideas or help please? Screen Shot is of the Moon Texture Files inside FSX Texture Folder.


I will not Run Verify Files through Steam as It is Highly Recommended by ORBX Team that once your have ORBX installed you should Never Run Verify Files with Steam as it can cause scenery conflicts.


Thanks for any help. Brian


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