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Installed FS2002 onto my Windows 10 Home desktop, Installation went fine with no problems, chose Cessna 182RG for first flight out of NAS Pensacola in the daytime, a/c responds to all joystick inputs, can change views, and access radio stack, radar, ect. Cannot change a/c, cannot change location or change time of day or night. I had heard of others using Windows 10 with no problem. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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I've been thinking about this problem and I'm wondering what you installed? :confused:


Did you install the "pro" version of FS 2002 or the "lite" version?

My experience, with either version in Win10 is to do the install using Install.exe on disk #1 instead of using Setup.exe.


One thing you might check is the condition of your install CDs. Make sure they are clean. There should be two disks for the lite version and three disks for the pro version. If one of the disks is scratched (which is what this sounds like) you could try cleaning and buffing the media side of the disk and try doing a re-install (you'll need to uninstall FS first).


Worst case, you may need to buy new disks. FS 2002 is still available on Amazon and you should also be able to find a copy on Ebay. I'd try to buy the pro version if you can. Pro adds some extra aircraft and the SDK kit.

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Have 3 disc set of FS 2002, does not say pro on it, this is original set I bought, probably back in 2005 or so. How do I use Install.exe, do not have any experience doing this. Am running FS 2002 on my old Windows XP laptop and it runs fine, wanted it om my Windows 10 cause I have a larger monitor and thought the program would run better and graphics would be more enhanced in Windows 10. Thanks for your reply and the advice.
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If you remember a default King Air 350 from your old install, you've got the Pro edition. :cool:


Don't sweat which version you have at the moment, though.

For now, I'd advise checking your install disks first then re-installing FS.


Check for obvious scratches on the data side of all the disks.

If that looks OK, use something like a looking glass to check the foil inside the disks.

Look for obvious "burn" marks on the foil inside the disks or spots that look like they are stained.


CDs that have spent a lot of time in direct sunlight can degrade to the point where the foil inside the disk is no longer properly etched. If any of the disks are trashed, you're kinda S.O.L. and you'll need to replace them. You can still find FS 2002 disks for sale on Amazon and Ebay. Try to get a copy of the pro version if its available.


If your source disks look good, I'd recommend uninstalling FS and then re-installing it. Win10 can be picky when it comes to re-installing software which is why you'll need to do an un-install first. Use the Task Manager or do a search on how to uninstall software in Win10 if you aren't sure. Don't just delete folders first, FS tends to write itself deep into Windows. :rolleyes:


Check your HD to make sure all of the FS 2002 files and the start icon are gone.

Now, you can do a re-install.


Load the first CD. In Win10 you MAY get an auto start/install message but you probably won't.

Browse your way to your CD/DVD drive and click it. You should see the FS install folders and two programs named Setup and Install.

Try double clicking Install. It should start installing files after you get some "Are you sure?" messages.

Make sure you load ALL of the disks and the install program ends normally.

If Install doesn't work, repeat the uninstall and then install by double clicking SETUP on the CD.

This is where Win10 can get real picky. Its like FS2002 is so old that Win10 may not think its an M$ product. :rolleyes:


BTW, I know a lot of folks say to install FS directly to your main drive but MAKE SURE you use the default Win10 install location, at least for now. FS should be installed to the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\FS2002


Now, do a quick check of your installed FS folders. Check what got installed in your main AIRCRAFT folder. You should see the usual suspects in terms of default aircraft. You should also see a folder named DEFAULT. Also do a quick check of your other main folders (SCENERY, SOUND, FLIGHTS, etc.).


If everything look good, go back to your desktop and try clicking the FS shortcut icon. If FS acts up or won't start you'll need to set the Compatibility Mode by right clicking the Start Icon. I've had great results using Win XP svc pck 3 mode. You should also enable Run As Admin.


From here, you should be able to run FS. If parts of FS seem to be running a little janky (logbook, display modes, etc.), don't sweat it.

Give Win10 some time to build up an error log, like a day or two. You should get some file updates and fixes within a week.




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Do not have the King Air in my FS2002. Looked at the 3 FS2002 install discs, and they are all scratched and smudged. I assume when you say inside of Discs you are talking about the label side, all the label sides look like brand new, they have always been kept in the original 3 compartment folder they came in, and have never been in the sun. I have looked online about cleaning/removing scratches from cd's, going to try that before I try a new install, never thought about scratches before. Thanks for the info Bob.
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I'm not trying to push you into buying replacement disks, just keep in mind that its going to get harder and harder to find good install disks as time goes on. ;)




Bookmark this link just to be safe.


You can try to (carefully) polish the disks you have now. A good polish for this kind of job would be something like Tamiya Fine Polishing Compound for plastic models or a mild buffing compound for car headlight covers. An old trick I've also used on clean disks is to add a light coat of paste car wax to the data side of the disks and give them a good buffing with a soft cloth. The wax provides a layer of protection against fine scratches. Just buff off the wax before it completely dries, you only need a thin coating.

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