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Screen sharing for copilot


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Ok, so, Co-pilot may be the wrong term to use. I fave a pretty decently built cockpit that I have used for quite some time, but my girlfriend also has multi-monitor gaming station in our office. I play DCS world quite frequently and came up with the idea to setup her station using the Combined arms module. Theis allows her station to play in the same session as me, using the tactical map to command friendly and enemy units as well as feed waypoints and heading information to the pilot in the cockpit via a neat little radio comms interface I set up through TeamSpeak. Every thing works rather well and so far my only obstacle is the following. I'm trying to set up one of her monitors to use screen sharing software to allow an auxillary monitor to be used as sort of a "pilot helmet cam" so the person sitting at the tacticle terminal would have a monitor dedicated to seeing what the pilot sees. So far I have been using software called AnyDesk to screen share to that monitor. It works, but it's very stuttery and laggy, even over lan. I'm wondering, other than having to play musical HDMI cables every time someone wants to use that station, can anyone think of a software solution for screen mirroring over lan?
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If you just want to show what's on your main screen on one of her screens as well you can use a cable splitter.

You connect one video card port to the splitter, and from there to both your screen and hers. The image will then be the same on both monitors.

I think it will require screens with identical size and resolution. Also, cable length should not get too long. Different type cables have different maximum cable length requirements.


Never tried this myself though.

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