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Damage Mod v2.0 for Flight1's BN-2 Islander is Released


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Hello everyone!


I am excited to announce you the imminent release of the version 2.0 of my Damage Mod for the Flight1's BN-2 Islander!


A few bugs fixed, an interface with FSCaptain, and last but not least, COMPATIBILITY with P3Dv4 of the WHOLE Islander (except the KLN90a). Cockpit sounds are back and no more never-ending rumbling sound! (thx to Bert Pieke and DJJose).


The following systems will wear out and will be inflicted damage in case of improper use :

- engines

- generators

- propellers

- flaps

- flaps motor

- flight controls

- autopilot

- vacuum

- pitot tubes

- brakes

- structural deicing (the corresponding switch is added to the virtual cockpit)

- landing lights


Extra features :

- avionics dying if on when engine starts

- blown tires in case of hard landing

- foul spark plug if engine runs at low rpm and rich mixture for too long, (rpm drop during mag dead-cut test simulated)

- engine dies in case of quick throttle movement with fuel pump off

- sluggish engine response to throttle input with cold engines

- door lock and alarm


So stay tuned!



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The file has been approved!


Please find it here :




As always, feedback will be much appreciated!


Enjoy, and fly safe,




PS : The TF-VEJ livery is included in the package




A special thanks to Flight1 crew who very kindly allows me to publish modified MDLs!

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I noticed that link leads directly to the "save download" page. (Without description)


Here's a link that leads to the file description page. (Which has a download link on it as well.)



Happy Flights,:D


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