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FSDS 3 Preview display problem.


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Greetings all,


I have been away from the flight simulator (FS2004) hobby for ten years, many pressing issues when I stopped. I just recently ran across FlightSim.com. I thought all the support sites where all but gone, obviously I was wrong. It is nice to see that FS9 is not dead and there is still a vibrant community. I use to make sceneries in FSDS_3 for FS2004 and I’m thinking about trying to finish off some old half finished sceneries.


I have a problem though; I have reinstalled FSDS_3 on a newer computer, ten years newer from the one I worked on. The problem is that in the preview display screen in FSDS_3 (upper right corner) will not show all the parts of the object that is currently being displayed. As you zoom in and out or rotate some of the object parts will disappear while other parts remain visible. The new variables, with the new hardware, that I can think of are: 1) WinXP service pack three (older one had service pack two only). 2) Newer graphics card with newer drivers. (DirectX is the same 9c).


Has anybody else had this problem or any insights in to the problem?




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