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Best weather addon for VFR winds aloft


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Seriously though, I tried REX weather engine but figures don't come even close to reported aloft data found on AviationWeather.com and even SkyVector...


I usually fly at low-level (max 12K ft MSL) and am planning my routes meticulously using sectionals, wx brief, and other available resources to make the flight as real as possible within the limitations of simulated world. At the end of each flight I compare my times and fuel with planned ones. Although navdata calculations are correct, erroneously reported winds destroy the overall performance...


Now I wonder if you guys can recommend any wx addons to make those flights complete with realistic winds aloft data.


Thank you in advance!



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Active Sky Next RULES!

There is no better weather simulator made by anyone for the most realistic and comprehensive weather experience possible in FSX no matter what you like to fly. Gliders, GA, Bush, Commuter, Airline, military, Supersonic, it's all there:







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