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Downloading/Installing add ons to MSFS 2002


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Can someone tell me how to download and install A/C into MSFS 2002 using Windows 10. Someone told me you do not need WinZip in Windows 10, that it has its own unzipping program installed, I had a sheet that I had printed out with great step by step instructions for doing this in Windows XP, but lost them somewhere along the line, any help would be appreciated.
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You're correct, Win10 should already have software installed to read and unzip compressed files. :)


The basic idea I would use for now is to be able to locate the file you just downloaded. Unless you set it up differently, your file should be located in your "downloads" folder. This folder is found under "program files" which used to be "my computer".


From there its pretty easy. Go to your desktop and right click on it. Find the "new folder" option and create a new folder on your desktop. Name it something you'll recognize, "new" or "test" or whatever.

Now, drag the zip file out to your desktop. You can double click on the zip file and you should see its contents. You can extract those files now to your desktop by single clicking on them (highlighted) and dragging them to the desktop or you can move the zip file into that folder you created if you're unsure how the author set up folders within the zip. In that case, double click the zip file again and look at the top right corner of the folder's dialogue box. You'll see an option called "uncompress all". Use that and all the files and folders will show up inside the folder you created.


You'll also need to figure out where those folders go. Assuming it isn't covered in the readme file, unzipping the entire download should show the path in FS where the files and folders should go. This can get complicated if you're dealing with scenery files or external sound files, so take your time and make sure you know where they are supposed to go.


Last, in the case of Win10, make sure you know what your file destinations are supposed to be for FS 2002.


The normal pathway should be C/Program Files (X86)/Microsoft Games/FS2002. From there, you should get used to FS's folder structure.

If you get stuck installing files, just ask in the FS2002 forum and we'll try to help you out. :pilot:

FWIW, I've found Win10 easier to work with than older Win versions, you just need to get used to it. :cool:


Not related to your post, but if you're new to running FS2002 its possible to install aircraft, sound sets, some gauges, and a small number of scenery files for FS9 (FS 2004) in FS 2002. Be REALLY careful when it comes to installing FS9 scenery in FS 2002. In most cases it won't work or it will trash your scenery database file.

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