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texture sizes problem

Roger Wensley

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I have a scenery, not made by me but updated by me, and there seemed to be a problem with the speed of FS9 reading and then displaying one of the original buildings. So I decided to mip all the original textures as well as the new, in case that was what caused the problem. I used imagetool to open them and add the mipmaps, and it reported that 4 of them could not be opened because of "corrupted image dimensions". Next step was to open them in photoshop to see the details of size etc.


I will give the details of only one of them to simplify this: 256 x 256 pixels, 9.03 x 9.03 cm, 72 pixels per inch (or 28.346 pixels per cm, if you prefer).


I then opened one that had not been a problem, and found it was also 256 x 256 pixels, 9.03 x 9.03 cm, and 72 pixels per inch.


What other dimensions can be corrupted? Any ideas?

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The only dimension that FS (and ImageTool) cares about is pixels. The other dimensions are for printing.


Did you try opening them in DXTBmp?



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Guest Sascha66

Probably no alpha channel. The textures not working will be a little smaller than the working ones.

There is a batch tool available which fixes this for all textures:




It just adds an alphachannel if a texture doesn't have one.




When editing FS textures it is always safest to open them with dxtbmp and send them to an editor of your choice from there. Once modified and saved in the editor, you can refresh the image in dxtbmp and save it in the proper format.

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None of the 8 bit textures had an alpha channel, not just the ones that could not be opened. Anyway, DXTBmp fixed the four of them and I then turned them all into DXT1's with mipmaps. An improvement, but not a total solution, I think it is due in part to there being so much going on in the scenery (Ketchikan) in terms of scenery objects and ai flights.
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