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“Gaming-Chair� versus Rudder-Pedals


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I am trying to convince myself that I should buy a “Gaming-Chair”, but when I try them out I become less convinced.


First – They are swivel chairs and when I push away on an imaginary rudder-pedal the chair swivels quite efficiently. None of the chairs that I tried out have a mechanism to lock the swivel/yaw axis.


Second – Aren’t these “gaming-chairs” supposed to emulate the seat in a race-car that is tilted back a bit to make it more comfortable for long drives and lower in relation to the gas/brake/clutch pedals. So far all of the chairs that I have tried are natively at right angles to the floor and desk, and yes you can lean back in them but you cannot set a fixed 10° tilt (for example). On many of them the chair-back-angle is not adjustable separate from the seat-bottom-angle usually thanks to arm-rests that would get in my way.


Do these “Gaming-Chairs” do more than just look trendy?


Is there an easy way to lock the swivel/yaw feature on an office chair?

Or should I figure out how to convert a junkyard driver seat.


Thanks for any suggestions and informed opinions.


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I love my gaming seat! Fixed the swiveling wheels by tie-ripping black thick socks on them. The chair now stays put when pressing rudder pedals.


It gives me more comfort in longer simsessions, nicely adjustable seat etc. in my experience the higher pricesegment means higher comfort. But that’s an individual choice that’s yours to make.



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