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Ok, I've tried several of them; FSX-SE, XP-11, P3d...I really tried to get into them, but I just got tired of elevation problems, scenery library conflicts, Orbx expense and so on...So, I am going back to FS9...Been a while, so if anyone has any suggestions for newer add ons and so forth, please let me know...I am looking forward to my return!
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welcome home!!!! And there's no place like home. See my other post in this forum re: the other sims. Nothing is as good as FS9. I can't recommend any really NEW add-ons, but I did just add Fly Tampa - Tampa. Best add-on airport I have. And I have many.
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Hi I also have FSX SE XP11 and Microsoft Flight in my cockpit, but here I am still with FS9 and feel very very comfortable with it on my TNW PC I have Global 10 Mesh and my TNW2019 installed, and apart from airports and planes it does not leave me wanting anything more I do have it on another PC with the full work. I would certainly recommend TNW2019 and Global 10 it really sets most of the rocky cliffs to rocks instead of streaks.

Link to The Natural world web site below email or use the link on my home page. Howard

Web : http://biggles11.wix.com/the-natural-world

Mail : biggles11@btinternet.com

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