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ATA Virtual is now hiring


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Hello fellow flight simmers,




I would like to take this time and introduce myself. My name is Ron Sprinkel, the CEO of ATA Virtual. I understand there was once a VA named ATA Virtual and was saddened to see it close. Therefore I have decided to open up ATA Virtual under a new domain name.


As CEO of ATA-Virtual I am pleased to announce the re-opening of ATA Virtual. ATA Virtual is under new domain name.


ATA Virtual is seeking pilots, Hub Manger's for KIND and KMDW, and other Staff Members to fill our Roster.


ATA Virtual's site is up functionally and still under construction and have a fully functional forum as well. I am hoping to be up and fully going by January 15, 2019. We will be using the paint schemes and Retro Routes that the ATA Flew. Between now and 1/15 I am hoping to have the majority of the fleet uploaded as well as more routes included in the Schedules. All Routes will eventually be from ATA's original Time Tables will all original information, but this will be very time consuming.


We will not restrict you flying designated fleet or routes based on your experience, rank, etc. You fly what you want to fly.


ATA Virtual will carry over your flight hours in full from your current or past VA experiences with a verified link for proof.


ATA Virtual is using the phpVMS 5.5 and will have many great features offered from the phpVMS site. ATA Virtual will have its own Discord server to use during flight and other uses.


You can visit the new ATA Virtual site located here http://www.ata-virtual.com


We look forward to seeing your application and hope to see you in the friendly skies.


Best Regards,


Ron Sprinkel - CEO


ATA Virtual



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Hello all,


Just an update on our site. We have partnered up with another Airline however we are still ATA Virtual Airlines. The partnership came through as a deal was made between them and I for some much advanced upgrades to our site. Our site has been completely revamped with a lot of upgrades and high tech data that I personally would have never been able to do or dreamed of doing.


We are still in the final phases of our advanced upgrades and we have some more coming in the very near future. We will be adjusting our menu system as some things are out of place so things will be looking different in the coming days.


We are currently working on the Route System (currently 131 Flights) as well as getting our fleet together, which brings me to another mention, we are currently seeking a Fleet Director who has knowledge in repaints for our fleet for FS9, FSX, SE as well as X-Plane. If you are interested please visit our site and Register.


We have many many great Pilot Features on our site for you to utilize and many more to come in the future, so stop on by http://www.ata-virtual.com/index.php and have a look around. If you like what you see, we would love to have ya.


Thanks and Happy Flying,


Ron S


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Good luck to you!!! I welcome historic airline VAs!!


Hope your VA would stay in business for ten years!!


PSSST PSSST not a good idea to use TWA L1101 instead of ATA L1101 in your fleet information section :)






Thanks for your reply aharon, yes I started another historic back in 2002 and had to dismiss it due to personal reasons but to this day that VA is still in operation and going strong. As far as the TWA L1011 image, we are actually getting paints done now for ATA. That was just put there temporarily.


Thanks again,


Ron S


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