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FS2002 and Windows 10


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Hi, I've been using 2002 for ages with no problems but since I installed it in a new PC with Windows 10

all kind of strange things are happening, like regardless of which airport I choose it always opens with Meigs Field, the plane image window

on the opening page is solid black but the image appears when the page is closing! Any help would be appreciated.

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As well as the good advice given by Robin, which should resolve the saved flight issue, it should be noted that a vanilla install of Win 10 comes without the earlier versions of many essential core packages that many older programs require. This could be the cause for corrupt images.....


These can include such things as DirectX (DX), Visual Basic C++ libraries, .NET Framework libraries etc.


As an example, dependant on the build version/state of the source file used during the install, Win 10 only comes with DX version 10 (Original release, Build 1503 or 1509), 10 and 11 (Build 1603 or 1609 or 10 , 11 and 12 (all later Build states). The DX version included on the FS2002 install disk will be woefully out of date and incompatible with Win 10.


The best thing to do is it check the FULL requirements of FS2002 and then search/download the required older versions. Save the files to a temp location - DO NOT run the installer from the download menu. To install them RIGHT click on the file and select the Run As Administrator option - once the installation process has completed reboot the PC using the RESTART option - this is important as it will allow essential system files and the OS registry to be updated.




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Another alternative, and one I use for the old Combat Flight Simulator programs, is to run an older version of Windows under VirtualBox (virtualbox.org). VirtualBox is free (as are some other virtual machine software), but you do need the Windows install media (in your case, e.g. Windows 2000).


I've had excellent luck running CFS 1 & 2 under Win2000 on VirtualBox. It's really no harder to set up than it was back in 2002, a fact which you may not find reassuring.

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