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Need help setting up Chaseplane


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I had just gotten Chaseplane and I do like it, however I would like to set it up so that the controls are that of the default P3D camera controls. I was able to do that for the interior virtual cockpit view using the spacebar to move around, however I came across a few issues. The panning of the camera is too slow and I would like to speed it up to that of P3Ds vanilla camera system.


Another thing is that when I am outside in LOCKED SPOT view I cannot pan the camera around like I can in the interior views. I already know how to set up Chaseplane mostly but I just need help with these 3 things.


1. To increase the pan speed/rate in the interior views


2. To enable panning in exterior locked spot view, to have the same pan rate as that in interior views


3. To find realistic settings for ground & turbulence camera shake.


I really do like Chaseplane especially with the turbulence effects it comes with, I just need help with this.




-Thanks & Happy New Year 2019!

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