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Sultry night.


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I'm going with tornado, much more sultry than idiosyncrasy. :)

I suppose you'll be celebrating New Year's on the beach, sitting round the bush telly with a coldie? ;) -- Bob



i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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Looks nice.


I have to let you know something. You list your Skype contact username. Well, I can see it in my browser Pale Moon, but not in Firefox or IE 8 ( I don't use IE) and there are websites (which will remain nameless) that can show people what your public IP address is based on your Skype name. If your not wanting that to be known, you may want to ditch the public advertisement of your Skype name.


Just wanted to give you that heads up form what I know. Some people could care less if others know their IP address, but there's many ramifications to that which involve a hacker exploiting any and all vulnerabilities you may have with your modem or router. Believe me. I've seen many IP addresses of infected routers try to do nefarious crap on my site. If you should know. Turn off UPnP, don't use the default username and password and stay abreast of any and all router firmware upgrades. It is a big problem, believe you me.


Anyway... just looking out.



Always perform safe Interneting. :D





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