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i7 8700K + GTX 1060 6GB, bottleneck?

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Afternoon all,

As the title says. I'm currently struggling on choosing a new custom rig purely for P3D. Would it be better to get the i7 8700K or the i5 8600K with the GTX 1060 6GB? Also, would a better option be the i5 9600k/i7 9700k, given the difference is £5 for each? If there were to be a bottleneck, how much of a difference would going with the GTX 1070 instead of the 1060 cause? If possible I'd like to stick with the 1060 for budgeting reasons.


I just don't want to spend ≈£1000 on a new system and have a GTX 1060 bottleneck the an i7 8700k/9700k, but I also don't want to be spending any more than what an i7 8700k/9700k + 1060 is worth. As we know P3D is still CPU heavy, so would a GTX 1060 instead of a GTX 1070 even make much of a difference?


I would like to be able to run the PMDG NGX, Active Sky, ORBX Global and payware scenery for reference.


Kind Regards,

Oliver Mitchell.

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