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Problems with new view


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I run FSX steam in Windows 10 with pmdg 737 NGX. When I select new view, for example, cockpit- lower overhed panel the FSX stops working. For example I can not move flaps, thrustsetting or the autobrake. I need to restart FSX to get it working again but it is impossible to open a new view. I want to open lower overhead and move it to my second screen. Can anyone help me here....?
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I'm not on Steam with SE (at the moment) but the process you are describing can also be achieved by pressing "[". This creates a new window with some view in it; right-click this smaller window (it has a narrow white border when it is active) and select the view of your choice as you did with "new view". You must then right-click again and select UNDOCK. This undocked window can normally be moved to screen 2. If this alternate procedure also locks you up then I would suspect the combination of PMDG load, two window load and two screen output is overtaxing your system. You gave us no specs so at this point, it's only one possible answer.



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