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FS9 scenery download numbers

Roger Wensley

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I have looked at the download numbers in 2012 and 2018 for FS9 scenery that I have made, comparing similar size airfields in similar locations in the north of Canada. In 2012 an airfield would typically reach 200 downloads in 30 days, 500+ in a year, and top out at 600+ or 700+ in the next few years. In 2018 the figures are now 130 in 130 days, so probably topping out at 200+ for a decline of around 65%. These are fairly minimalist airfields serving villages of 500 or so inhabitants, but for bigger and more intricate scenery, airports instead of airfields, the decline is of similar proportions. Given that my scenery making has improved during that same period and should have encouraged more folks to download the actual decline is probably greater.


No wonder payware FS9 scenery has declined almost totally.

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The decline is most likely due to fewer people using FS9 (it is, after all, 15 years old; archaic in the eyes of most computer gamers).


It's the same with many other genres. Older racing sims (GTR2, GPL, N2003, etc.) still have active communities and new files are routinely uploaded, but show perhaps a fourth of the downloads of a few years ago. RPGs, such as Morrowind and Oblivion, have a steady stream of new mods, but with a fraction of the downloads of their heyday.


But count me among those who have downloaded virtually all your files, they fit perfectly my favorite flights - "low and slow" VFR around small airfields.

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