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SAITEK X55 / P3Dv4 problem


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I have recently noticed a problem with intermittent control inputs on my aircraft.

If I go to an external view, and carry out a check of the flying controls, there is a noticeable

"flutter" on all surfaces. The best way I can describe it is that its like a momentary power loss is occurring

which interrupts the normal smooth movement of the control surface.

The result of this when in flight,and particularly through the elevators. Is that aircraft may go into a dive,

that can only be recovered by centralising the elevator with forward pressure, before recovering.

I have carried out recalibrating quite a few times, and always operate the flight controls fully before a takeoff. I am wondering if there might be a problem within the SAITEK X55.

Has anyone had a problem like this, and would an uninstall, and another reinstall of the X55 be worth trying.

Many thanks roytc

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Usb port are all connected to the pci bridge on the mainboard.

Usb device, like x55, will send electrical signals. To mainboard via pci bridge.


Another usb device that is sending erroneous signals, may cause current on the pci bridge. That current may then get read as input from the x55 by mistake.

I had that happen with a different joystick.


In my case it was the printer. On the printer onboard display it said "Error". (HP).

I disconnected the printer, and my joystick worked OK again.


It wold be worth clearing any printer errors,

and then unplugging and replugging all your devices except the saitek stuff.

(best would be to do this with the pc switched off. To make sure an residual current can drain,

flick the large switch on the PSU to OFF. (back of your desktop pc).

then press the power button (front of pc) one or two times to make sure all current is drained. (it should not boot, as the PSU is off.


Then clear printer errors. And unplug and replug devices. (not the saitek, only the other usb devices.)

Push power button once or twice again for good measure,

and flick switch on PSU to ON again, then start pc with the power button on the front.

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