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Oddities in FSX


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Two questions:


1) I have frequently seen AI traffic fly in the most odd way. Take this aircraft for example. It came from Los Angeles and is going to Tampa, yet the position it's at doesn't make any sense. See pic.








2) Next issue is that sometime I can't select the adjacent runway when tower tells me the non-ILS runway. So for example I want 14L as it has an ILS, but tower tell ms me 14R. When I go to the option to pick another runway, I can't chose 14L. This has happened now three times at various places.

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If it's a third party AI flight file running the plane, you can delete it easily enough to stop that. If it's a native FSX AIflight, you can try running a repair with the discs. If it's SE, you can run the Verify Files feature to make sure it's not an AI Flight Plan problem.

If you can identify the flightplan file for it, you should be able to open, check, and edit it with the AIFP software.

Chances are that it's located in FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery somewhere. If it's a native flight plan, I know it's there. If it's third party, it's PROBABLY there.


Does this help at all?



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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Oh, it's third party alright, and weighs in at about 200 MBs. Just look at its name.


I can take a look at it in the massive BGL I guess. But there are far, far too many that exhibit this behavior. I guess it's the time line or something? It just doesn't make any sense that an aircraft coming form one direction and going to the next would be placed in such an odd area and flying in the wrong direction.

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No one has the least bit of an idea as tro why AI is showing up like this?


I was flying to Barbados and I saw a plane from PHNL go to KLAX! Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!


Nope. I fly MY plane. Whatever AI does is of no concern to me.

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