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War Online:Pacific, f2p mmo flight sim


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Hey folks, check out a new flight sim





'War Online: Pacific is the first in a series of fast action WWII combat simulations. War Online: Pacific uses a WWII plane set combating Japan against the USA.It couples a high fidelity flight model with fast paced dog fighting action. '


Release soon (few weeks), it's from the developers who made previous sims like Warbirds and Aces High.




-japanese vs usa

-free to play


-plane combat

-in-game planes are purchased with 'war cash' which is earned for playing or bought with real money



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Did anyone try this sim yet? Seems like one of those 'canned' sims that they've not put a lot of effort in. I hope I'm wrong though. I'm going to try it for sure the next time I have a day or two off and no other obligations.


It's releasing on 7th january.


However, this is from makers of Warbirds and Aces High, Hitechcreations, so it should not be a 'canned' sim.


What it lacks graphicaly, it makes up in gameplay.

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