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Carenado external switches


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Hello everyone, I've searched the forum to no avail. I just downloaded Carenado's excellent Rockwell 690-B. I notice that they have several switches that are not assignable to any default FSX commands. I am building a cockpit from an old Daewoo Lanos, and want to have external real switches to operate these extra functions, like the landing light retract, separate landing lights, separate avionics switches. I emailed Carenado about the issue, and they said it was coded in to FSX, not really doable. Has anyone any suggestions? I want my cockpit to be as real and as close to the sim plane so we won't have to look up on the monitor to operate the overhead panel switches. We will have a real overhead panel in the cockpit. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have the following to incorporate into the cockpit. Saitek radio panel, flight switch panel, auto pilot panel, Go flight P-8, S-8 and a GF-45. Plus I will be adding switches using a USB converter.

Many thanks abbert55

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