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ImagineSim still support FS9?


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Gang, I went on the ImagineSim website and it talks about FSX versions and P3D versions. No mention of FS9. Do the FSX versions work in FS9 or have they totally stopped supporting FS9. There isn't a Q&A page on their site to address this. Anyone know?
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That's a shame, considering they had the only FS9 payware for a few airports like ATL and ZSPD, both I was just about considering purchasing ): . I normally only purchase payware if no good freeware alternative exists, or if I've managed to make or edit my own with ADE. You'd be surprised what airports don't have a single scenery created for them while others have plenty.


I guess that means all FS9 products are now for public fair use if they're going to be withdrawn like that (:

Carlos Si
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