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CFS3 Arado 234B-2 Blitz bomber and 234B-2/N Nachtigall night fighter by BorekS & Co.


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A complete airplane add-on package with all effects, sounds, weapons and all other dependent files.


Available for download here.


The package includes 6 skins of Ar 234B-2 Blitz and 6 skins of Ar 234B-2/N Nachtigall aircraft.

The package also includes one Ar 234B-2 Blitz and one of Ar 234B-2/N Nachtigall sample with RATO (rocket assisted takeoff) boosters.



* specular and bump maps

* self lit night cockpit items

* animated tail parachute / spoiler

* animated pilot head and landing lever related hand

* animated "Lotfe 7" bombsight

* RATO takeoff boosters, dropable, with own parachute effect



3D Model: helijah (basic external model), hairyspin (external model initial gmax optimalisation), BorekS (external model overhaul, interior, VC views incl. animated bombsight, parachute system, weapons etc.)

Textures: Bravo/4 (external model and skins), BorekS (interior, gauges)

Flight model: hairyspin, Daiwilletti

Damage model: BorekS, Daiwilletti, mongoose

Sounds: stock CFS3

Effects: stock CFS3, BorekS (canopy effects based on damage mod by Pat Pattle, gecko, hairyspin)

Project test crew (apart from persons mentioned above): sixstrings5859, wiekniera

Special thanks to: AnKor & MajorMagee for the excellent CFS3 shader enhancements and greycap.raf for RATO booster feature related hint







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