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Flightgear 2018.3.1 released


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After a longer than expected debugging session, FG 2018.3.1 is finally available on http://www.flightgear.org


Some of the highlights include:


* substantial performance improvements

* a new active volcano to explore (Beerenberg) on Jan Mayen island)

* the FG1000 glass panel display (inspired by devices such as the Garmin G1000) available for aircraft developers to include

* more detailed rendering of light scattering on clouds


Personally I've been testing the release binary with all sorts of crafts from the Shuttle to helicopters for the last two days, and I'm very happy with what I have seen so far - so give it a try!

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Some impressions from the release:



Honolulu airport - lots of new 3d work for terminals:




Downtown Honolulu:




Rotor wash churns the sea as the Alouette hovers (not implemented for all helicopters, but the number keeps growing):




Improved light scattering on clouds:




Changing into the EC-135 and exploring Kauai:




Na Pali coast in clouds:




A nice pattern of cloud shadows over the ocean:



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