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Error 522 dl2

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Trying to download a bunch of AI base packs and some AI repaints for building up FS2004 traffic. Every time I try to download after pressing Agree it hangs for a minute then Cloudfare shows up with ERROR 522 Failed to Respond from dfs2.flightsim.......


I have also notice ads.flightsim.com is slow to respond.


Other sites DO NOT have this issue out in the same browser which I use Sea Monkey (Firefox distro).


IF Cloudflare is anywhere inside the affected area of the winter storm in the south east USA then maybe this is to blame.

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I had the same problem earlier today. I tried a ping which worked so decided to try and connect using the IP address. Got another error from Cloudflare stating that I was not allowed to directly access any IP address that was within the Cloudflare system. This to me says that this site has somehow gotten snared by Cloudflare.


Trainsim site is even worse, Error 522 trying to access the main page since 1630ish UK time.

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