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Shorts Sunderland MK3


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I posted on this subject before but I'll do it again.

I made a few water air bases in FS2004 a few years ago, I decided to do a few for FSX, but seeing as FSX is a bit different to FS2004 I made the taxiways and runways (Water) not concrete, well they didn't work.

So after a lot of testing and messing around I thought I would put one of the original FS2004 water afcads in and lo and behold it worked perfect.


So I put the the rest in and sure enough after I tested each one they all worked, so what I did was make another water afcad using the old afcad program for FS2004 , the parking, taxiways and runway was concrete but only 1 foot wide and again it worked perfect.


So if any of you want to make a few water bases to fly some AI to and from try the old afcad program.


Also I used a few amphibians for AI, but to look real on the water I changed the contact points so they lay with the wheel slightly under the water, obviously as they take off you see the wheels but it's only got a few seconds, again as they land they drop the wheels but once on the water they are below the surface.

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