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Video Recording With FSX Steam Edition


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I sure would like to make some videos that I can record and play back but FSRecorder does not work with FSX-SE. I have tried all the various hacks and none of them work on my system. Is there any other Flight Sim Recorder that will work with FSX-SE? A lot of sim pilots are using the Steam Edition now surely there must be some who are making videos. Thanks for any suggestions.
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I never got FSRecorder working on this machine BUT since our flight group uses JoinFS for connectivity it was great to find that it also HAS a flight recording function - not quite as fleshed out as FSRecorder but a lot better than trying to do it all live or with just the built-in FSX 'flight recorder'. See my multi-aircraft Machynlleth, or the "3 ultralight Zebras" vids at the YouTube link in my signature below.


...and yes, JoinFS is free. Check it out at http://pmem.uk/joinfs/install.html


And what about the actual recording? I use OBS. You'll need a tutorial to get it started and recording correctly maybe, but it's free and it definitely does the trick. I have one setup for 'full screen' and a different one for windowed (no frames). Use the wrong one and you get a recorded black screen.



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A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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