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Original EGLL still visible after downloading UK2000 Xtreme


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I'm google eyed trying to fix this issue and finally have to admit defeat. Can anyone advise what the problem is / might be?


Using FS2004 on windows 10 - have downloaded a few UK2000 Xtreme free and demo's - they all work perfectly. Downloaded the free Heathrow but when I go to view, it seems the original FS2004 Heathrow is still there. Sandwiched in between Gary Summon's excellent scenery is the old control tower, various buildings, T3 looks like it's sprouted new stands and T2 is a mess.


I've haven't found any similar issues in the forums therefore have rulled out UK2000 not excluding the original scenery. I've taken out [019] ref to Heathrow in scenery.cfg, I've taken out all the ref to heathrow / egll from the EURW scenery and texture folders... I just can't get rid of the original airport. (I can get rid of the city of London, but not heathrow).


I've tried to upload a picture of T2 and T3 - hope you can see the issue.


I'm sure all very simple but I can't see the forest for the trees now. Can anyone help?







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What an idiot. No sooner posted the above then thought I'd amend the AFCAD files whilst waiting on an answer - and found there were THREE AFCAD files loaded. Then the penny dropped - what I was seeing wasn't the default Heathrow, but the Heathrow included in UK2000 scenery - part 4. What a numpty!


As I say, couldn't see the forest for the trees. All fixed now.

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