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CH Throttle Quad with EClipse Yoke


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I just bought a CH Throttle Quad and can some either post or send me instructions as to how to make it multi engine capable . At the moment the third lever controls all. Also trying to figure out how to assign different assignments on the other levers. Default has one working the rudder and one the elevator ect. I bought it for the multi engine function.

Also how do I disable the throttle function on my Eclipse yoke .

Sorry if these questions show my experience level but have never had a throttle and yoke together before.


Thanks for any help.



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This is GDR54 again as soon as I posted my thread a reference using the FSUIPC to set things up. I have never come close to doing anything like that so if someone could just explain how to do that I would appreciate that. Always trying to learn .


Thanks again GDR54

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