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What Lockheed-Martin intended for P3D


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P3D at work, for what it was intended - training in an academic program, at Indiana University's Air Force ROTC:


State-Of-The-Art Flight Simulator Lands At IU's Air Force ROTC Building


"Jennifer Piurek, of News at IU Bloomington reports, one way for Air Force [ROTC] cadets to learn through failure without causing any real-world problems is through the program's new flight simulator, an FAA-certified Redbird TD engineered to train the cadets on light single-engine aircraft like the Cessna 182. The simulator's triple monitor setup provides a panoramic perspective of the horizon while the student is flying. It is equipped with physical controls including fully functioning rudder pedals and a digital glass cockpit used for navigation in high-end civilian aircraft."


Redbird TD Flight Simulator - $6995.00 MRP



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I tested one of the early Redbirds for P3D - quite impressive. I can only think this model is also.



P3D Rig

I7 7700K @ 5.0ghz Asus Maximus X270 16G G.Skill 3600 15-15-15-18 2T EVGARTX2080ti Corsair 1000W PSU 1TB Samsung SSD for P3D - 2 - 256G OCZ Vector SSD - HAF X - Corsiar H100i V2 Liquid Cooler W10 64 Pro.

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