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ap and fmc


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Does anyone know how to use autopilot to follow flight plan entered into fmc unit on this aircraft? I tried several different procedures so far auto pilot does not engage with the fmc flight plan entered. Minimum instructions suggest clicking vnav square window so far no change with this method.







ENGAGE: To engage autopilot, you have to engage the «autopilot» button to ON or AUTO.

SET PARAMETERS: To set the autopilot parameters, use the lower part which display programed parameters and use +/- buttons to change the values. BE CAREFUL: in AUTO mode, saved parameters can be automatically changed by the aircraft actual parameters when you will arm the autopilot (speed or altitude for example).

SELECT and ARM: To select the parameters that will be used by the autopilot and arm them, you just have to touch the square part of your choice on the upper part of the autopilot. BE CAREFUL: some parameters can’t be used together. One of them may be disengaged automatically. To use FMS parameters for autopilot, engage the VNAV square part (lower right)

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