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Help needed with modeldef


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I am currently modeling a nice 4 engine aircraft and have run into the throttle error, where the 4 levers all animate as lever 1. 2, 3 and 4 have no animations and move dependent to lever 1. If anyone knows, or has the correct entries to add to the modeldef, I would be greatfull to get them.
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Are you testing it in the sim? As in, press then in quick succession, and then advance throttle, hoping only lever 2 will move?


If so, it may be the only issue you have is an interfering gauge.

Some gauges send a signal all the time. (for example: "switch smoke off", over and over and over.)


If you have such a 'runaway gauge' then when you try to press:

then fast

what you actually end up sending is:

then then .

(and all throttles still will move together.)

2 needs to be sent directly after e for the command to work.


To test if that is the issue, try opening a cargo door. then .

If you have a runaway gauge, the main door will open instead. As

then then

is fired, which is only enough to open the main door.


Other way to test would be to use an aircraft.cfg file with many (most) gauges removed.


Then find which gauge is causing it. By disabling gauges one by one.

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