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Installing new terrain mesh into FS2004 on Windows 7

Wrongway Feldman

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Hello folks.

After finally replacing my old XP computer to a fairly higher end windows 7 rig, I decided to purchase some new terrain mesh.


I have read many good posts regarding their installation into FS2004. Including the very informative site: "Flight Sim traveler" by Steve Greenwood. I tried his instructions to install the terrain to a separate folder, but when I tried to add the scenery from the new downloaded terrain folder, I couldn't seem to install it properly.


After reading more posts, it seems like there is a specific way I have to install the mesh into windows 7. There is some instructions that mention "clicking on the white area" after clicking OK?

Can anyone provide me with more detailed instructions on how to install this mesh from a separate folder into FS2004?



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Clicking on the white area after clicking ok is a trick you have to use in Windows 7. When you add scenery to the addon scenery library you click ok then the white are so that the box closes. The mesh needs to be added to an active scenery folder. But when I installed the entire planet I had to place mesh in different folders like the world/scenery folder. Not sure about where you place that mesh you have purchased. Is there a manual? A member here gave me all the mesh for the world which is freeware.


I did have some trouble with the mesh as it will either raise or lower airports. So those airport altitudes that are affected need to be flattened with ADE using the flatten tool for that airport.

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