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Skyspirit 767-300F merged with LVD Panel, Problem with Lights


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I d/l Skyspirit 767-300F, replaced the "model" with the FSX model and merged with LVL-D Panel.

So far everything works perfectly, excep NAV and STROBE lights.

Beacon switch on, beacon lights working. Nav light switch on: Nav lights AND strobe lights on. Strobe light switch without function.

If I rename the "strange" Skyspirit light section with regular FSX lights, no change at all. Strobe and Nav lights working always together.

Looks a little stupid when you parked at night for loading and the strobes are on.


Any suggestion



Ancient I7-2600@3900, 24gb ram, 250gb ssd win10/64, 500gb ssd fsx, 500gb ssd p3d v3.4
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