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taking some potatoes northward


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in ottawa a guy wanted to ship some potatoes to the town of iqaluit so that the burned down grocery store (happened last week) and wasnted to send it via an airline so that it could be sent there from ottawa (a fun 4 hour flight). The airline he picked (first air) declined to allow him to use them as there are no areas on the plane to pack these and no way to track where its going.


So hes trying to find a way to get stuff up there and meanwhile i thought maybe i could do a flightsim flight imaginign that he got a contract with a cargo airline like dhl or something like cargojet...i found a paint of C-FACN, an "all canada express" (now defunct) 727F that was cargo converted and did a flight from CYOW and landed 15 mins ago in CYFB. Heres some of the shots.


at least if the potatoes arent gonna get there yet, at least in virtual they did.





an update i hadnt heard of untill i google searched this info..




enjoy the pics




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thanks, crj simpilot and flightsimg for your comments...it wasn't until I was making this thread that I found out they were sending it...only found ouyt about it at my doctors appt, while waiting theres a tv and i saw the whole story. i wouldnt have even done this flight if ot wasnt for the tv news wile at my docs
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