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Logitech Freedom 2.4


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Does anyone know how to cure this joystick causing aircraft to veer to the right as soon as power is applied for take off. I've tried the FSX calibrate route with no success. Using FSX Deluxe SP1 and SP2. Windows 7. Have seen a couple of similar complaints re this product but not any answers yet.

Many thanks DaveA.

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I don't know if this is related, but the "Realism" settings in FSX (Steam Edition anyway) can lessen, or completely remove, some of these things. I have trouble with the default C172 veering to the left during takeoff so I've moved all of the realism sliders to the left, basically turning them off.
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Hi Dave,


I don't own one of these, but what springs to mind is wireless interference, Visiting the Logitech website support for the Freedom 2.4 the FAQ has this:


Wireless product not working properly when also using a USB 3.0 device When using a USB 2.0 2.4GHz wireless peripheral device (such as a mouse, keyboard, or headphones) with a PC that also has a USB 3.0 peripheral device plugged in, you may experience erratic operation caused by interference. This is especially likely to happen when using USB 3.0 remote hard drives or flash drives.


This interference may result in:

  • Delayed response to mouse or keyboard inputs
  • Missing keyboard characters or mouse commands
  • Decreased operating distance between the USB 2.0 wireless device and its receiver

There are some techniques that can help early adopters of USB 3.0 to mitigate potential problems with their existing 2.4GHz wireless devices:


  • If your PC has multiple USB 2.0 connectors available, separate your USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 receivers by as much distance as possible. For example, if your PC has a choice of USB 2.0 connectors, use the one on the opposite side of the PC from the USB 3.0 connector.
  • Position your USB 2.0 receiver as close as possible to your wireless peripheral (mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc.).
  • Use a standard, USB-extender cable to position your USB 2.0 wireless receiver as far away as possible from your USB 3.0 connector.

A USB-extender cable is available for Logitech customers who are experiencing this problem (click here for more information).

NOTE: A USB 3.0 connector sometimes referred to as Super Speed USB or SS, normally has a blue plastic insert in the connector. Unlike a USB 2.0 connector which has 4 pins within the connector, a USB 3.0 connector has 9 pins.


Are there any other such devices possibly interfering with the wireless connectivity and wireless Freedom Joystick.

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Based on the comments made by DaveA and Kirk the problem may be non-joystick related and related to flight 'physics'...…


Effects of engine torque - prevalent in prop aircraft. Basically, the propeller rotation 'pulls' the nose of the aircraft. The higher the power rating, the more pronounced the 'pull' is. You counteract this by applying opposite nosewheel steering/rudder as appropriate.


Wind - The wind direction will affect the aircraft. If the wind is blowing straight down the runway it will have little or no effect on the aircraft other than to provide lift. But if the wind is blowing from the side (i.e a crosswind) it will. The bigger the difference in the direction of the wind in relation to the runway heading the more severe the problem will be - i.e Runway heading is 360, a crosswind from 340 will have less effect than a crosswind from 280


The effect is caused by the wind 'pushing' against the fuselage and, more importantly, the tail which acts like a giant sail. This 'forces' the aircraft to swing. Again, you counteract this by applying opposite nosewheel steering/rudder as appropriate.




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Hi Brian, thanks for your suggestions. It is possible to keep on the centre line by rotating the joystick. However once airbourne the starboard wing and the nose drops resulting in serious airframe redesign on contact with the ground. It's not possible to trim out the problem. I've tried the " other wireless controls interference" which was a good idea but unfortunately didn't help. I've gone back to wired joystick now so I don't have the problem. Just feel I've wasted the £ on this product. Looking at the axis on fsx calibration the slider is about 66% biased to the right side. Thanks to all for your input.
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A longshot but based on my use of the wired Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick - did the stick come with any dedicated Logitech drivers/software and did you install it?...…


If yes and you installed it you could check to see if there are any calibration tool included and check the calibration that way.


Alternatively, if the drivers/software is installed you could disable then remove the receiver in device manager, delete the software and then reboot the PC. Windows should see it as a new item and attempt to install new drivers for it - let windows search for the driver - and it should install basic MS drivers for it. Test and see what happens. If OK you could then decide to leave as is or install the dedicated drivers and test again.


I couldn't get the 3D Pro to calibrate properly and, after a bit of research, found that, for most users, the dedicated drivers/software where not needed - the stick works fine with the basic MS drivers and has done so in Win 7 and 10 and using FS2004 and FSX




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