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Rise of Flight


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I am attempting to locate where I can purchase and download Rise of Flight the World War 1 versions, however as hard as I try I cannot locate any sites in order to do this. I know that it is produced by 1C Games Studios and 777 Studios but those sites don't provide the purchase download information. Any help would be appreciated.
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Having quickly checked the JF website the only version available that I found was the Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition…..is this what you purchased? If so it appears to be a standalone product - the system requirements make no mention of needing FSX Steam Edition...….


Among the system requirements it does state:


•Steam account required and online connection required for account activation, multiplayer and some additional game modes. 256kbs Internet connection or faster required for multiplayer.


Based on this statement I suspect that what you have purchased is a product Key. Any download file that accompanies the purchase will be a basic auto-installer that will start the main installation process from the Steam servers once you have entered the product key.


What this means is that you will need to install the Steam Client and create a Steam Account if you don't have one already - go to the Steam website via this LINK, click on the green button located at top right labelled Install Steam and follow the prompts - this will install the Steam Client onto your PC. This client is required for any Steam based product and acts as a 'gateway' to your account, purchased items installs and activation etc.


Once you have installed the client and activated the user account you will need to do one of the following procedures to install Rise of Flight...…


Method 1 - If the JF download provides an installer file run it. Follow the prompts and then sit back while the Steam client downloads and installs the product - the time that this takes will depend on the size of the download and your internet connection speed. Once it is installed follow any instructions regarding activation.


Method 2 - If the JF download only provides a product key you will need to log into your Steam account, go to the Library Page and then click on the Add A Game button located at the bottom left of the screen. A small window will open above the button - select the Activate a product on Steam option and follow the prompts. As with method 1 the product will then be downloaded and installed.




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