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Warbirds with Tailhooks


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Been hunting some Warbirds with tailhooks and carrier functionality. Pretty limited. I have seen suggestions about modifying the "aircraft.cfg" file, inserting lines for a tailhook, launch bar, etc. Any Warbird mods out there with tailhooks? Will modifying an "aircraft.cfg" file for a specific plane (i.e. P51D) result in a P51D landible on a carrier?
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[Will modifying an "aircraft.cfg" file for a specific plane (i.e. P51D) result in a P51D landible on a carrier?]


Yes. The functionality of the tailhook, ie, the ability to trap an arrestor wire is controlled ONLY by the [tailhook] entry in the aircraft.cfg file. Whether the mdl file has a tailhook in it or not is irrelevant to the functionality. A tailhook modelled in the mdl file is only for cosmetic purposes - something to see from an outside view.


I have a [tailhook] section in the cfg files for the default Learjet and the default dash-8. As well as several other downloaded planes that don't have tailhooks in the mdl files. They all trap on the carrier.


As a starting point, if you have a plane that has a modelled hook and a [tailhook] entry in the cfg file, then you can use that as a starting point to add an entry in the cfg file of a plane that doesn't. For example, I have an Iris F-14 that came with a tailhook; I copied that entry into the cfg file of an F-15, which for this purpose is "similar enough" for this purpose.


It's not my era of interest, but I believe that Iris Simulations has some WWII warbirds. If they were carrier landable in real life, then chances are good that Iris has made them so in FS.


Steve from Mudgee.

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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