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Disappearing Objects


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Any help?


Honestly? Not with that limited amount of info.


What objects are you talking about?


How are you placing them?

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Oh, sorry. I was in a rush. These are third party objects by Sidney Schwartz. I haven't seen any autogen or default objects do this. When I go into slew mode I can see them fine but when I exit slew and look into a certain direction they disappear. I am using ade9 and placing them in some fictional airstrips I have made.
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I am using Sidney's small airstrip objects, his ga aircraft, his commercial prop liners and his terminals. ALL of them have this problem.


Hi Sidney, I am not sure if it is just your objects that are doing this or if it is all my third party objects. I was only using yours in the scenery at the time. Will have a look tomorrow ang get back to you.

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Scenery objects can have one or more LOD (Level Of Detail) settings. When you set FS sight distance you specify where certain LODs can be rendered. This is done to enhance FS performance where objects that appear to be small at a certain far away distance are not rendered because they would be not distinctive in the display anyway until you get closer.


Objects that are designed with multiple LODs may appear rough if at all if far away but get more detail as you get closer.

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