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Shutdown All Services?


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Hi: Seems like I remember years ago having a program that would close all unnecessary running background services/programs before FSX started...Now I have searched but cannot find it...Any help on locating such a program would be welcome! Thanks...
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Go here for link for info and link for download: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12499 . At download page you can look for download that works for different versions of Windows as it IS a Windows program and not a Flight Sim program. Cheers.

Chuck B


Edit: There is some set up (useability chores) to do but the articles in link explains it all. If you have Windows 7 the 'Vista' version should work as it's C+ and .Net type program. Here is one review:


''jhkaye Posted 01/30/2013

I tried this program with Flight Simulator X on two flights, one to Boeing Field, and the other to Seattle-Tacoma International, in Seattle, WA, Prior to using this program, FSX would always freeze about 10 miles from the airport. With use of Alacrity PC, was able to complete both flights successfully. I used stop then restart on a number of services and programs. It worked beautifully! Not sure which services or programs were causing the freezeup, but everything proceeds as the manual says. Even included a time delay so I can start Active Sky 2012, then enter my flight plan and download Active Sky weather before starting FSX. I am one very happy camper! Jim Kaye.''

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The program we used in the'old' days was called Enditall from https://ccm.net/download/download-22884-end-it-all



End It All is just a basic piece of software that comes with the sole purpose of killing unnecessary processes.

More like a Task Manager that terminates apps all by itself, End It All is actually a very easy to use application, offering just a few settings to play with.

You don't have to be a very experienced user to figure out which feature is which, mostly thanks to the limited number of tools displayed in the main window.

End It All displays all running processes, along with details such as status, program and description, while also offering a dedicated utility to protect an application.

Once you click the “End It All” button, the program automatically terminates the non-essential processes and thus attempts to give your computer a performance boost. Especially useful if you want to launch a resource hog application, End It All keeps Explorer and Systray processes running, so it doesn't affect the overall stability of the system.


Cape Town, South Africa

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I used to use that before I found Razer Game Booster. You can choose what processes (I selected all that the program did not give me a warning about), you can launch your program (eg. FSX) from there, and it reverts to original state when ending launched program. Also shows some useful info like cpu, mainboard, gpu, hard disk temperatures, and fan speed. It also shows driver updates available.
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