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Fs2004 All screwed up.


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Hi All,

Last time I used the sim was Dec 2014. I decided to fire it up today after a long break and have another fly. On loading the whole sim is all over the place. Switches on the flight panel sometimes work...(rarely) scroll through views give me half panel half outside spot view and super slow to load. Mouse freezes. Keyboard commands don't work..... the list goes on and on. After searching for a solution I have tried uninstalling Windows Update KB3086255 to no avail. Have I missed something in the last 3 and a half years or has my sim become a part of the Aircraft boneyard?

All systems are the same as the last time I used it in 14/15. Same desktop, Windows 7, fs2004, no cd, VOZ Scenery. Just fired it up and it runs like it is corrupted.

Hope someone can give me a starting point. Thanks for your time in reading this. (PS I am a computer dummy)

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Once thing to do is calm down, relax and have a Vodka and Orange juice.

I always jump to conclusions and assume the worst.


But all that sounds super weird. Any other games the same? Any changes to hardware? Any new add-ons to the PC, plug-ins? (My wife - I do love her - downloaded some program for her business once that caused the FPS to halv or more. Horrible. I never forgave her. :D)


Updated any drivers? Something? Anything? Have kids? A loving wife that wont use her laptop you bought for her and her business but rather use your desktop because its easier and better but means you cant use your PC for FS?


I do love her. Honest....

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Just occurred to me I was one of the many who fell for the Windows 10 install about a year ago. I went back to Windows 7 after some programs older than '10 didn't work. That right there might be the problem. Maybe a total reinstall of the sim (grrrrrr) could be the fix.
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Guest Sascha66

Try defragging the MFT (Master File Table), then defrag your hard drive a couple of times. This procedure helped me with some persistent FS9 problems, though they weren't all over the place like yours, I admit!


I use UltraDefrag, works well enough and is easy to use and install: https://ultradefrag.net/en/index.shtml?download


Good luck!


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