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Connecting fds hardware to pmdg via interfaceIT and fsuipc


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Hi all. I have an fds overhead that I want to connect and use with my pmdg 737-800.


I have managed to create a neat and inexpensive cockpit hardware solution that avoids the need to use keyboards and mouse comprising 3 monitors (hdmi) connected to the pc graphic card and the glass cockpit via two USB monitors. That allows me to function all hardware and monitors from one PC without the need for a second PC or widefs or expensive software like project magenta or pro sim as I can simply undock the pmdg pfd, nd, and eicas displays and drag them to the USB monitors to create the glass cockpit.


I separately have other mcp and yoke hardware that also work fine.


The final solution that is missing is being able to connect my fds overhead panel for use with pmdg. I am able to connect my panel to recognise the switches via interfaceIT. I can also program some of the overhead switches for the default 737 in fsx via interfaceIT. But this isn’t very satisfactory because of the limited functionality of the overhead panel in the default 737. I cannot find a way in interfaceIT to input the pmdg offsets that (I think) Pete Dowson published for use in fsuipc. However Fsuipc doesn’t recognise the fds panel hardware to program buttons and switches, only interfaceIT appears to recognise them.


Fds only want you to use prosim or project magenta it would seem but that isn’t the way I would like to go given the gauges and flight model in pmdg are more than satisfactory and those options would essentially require another PC to run them. Seems silly to have to do that if there is a solution to interface pmdg with fds via fsuipc/interfaceIT.


Has anyone else who has fds hardware found a solution to connect your fds hardware that Will enable pmdg offsets to be programmed via interfaceIT or how the fds panel can be recognised in fsuipc to programme buttons and switches if such is possible?


Thanks for any help to point in the right direction. Have been going round in circles trying to find a solution that may not exist.



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Something in this I don't understand. You mention that you can program some of the switches to work with the default 737. That must mean fsx recognises the device.

. Yet you also say that fsuipc does not recognise the fdc device.

That seems very strange. If fsx recognises the fdc, then a registered fsuipc (payware) should recognise the fdc as well.

-If it does not, and you have registered fsuipc, shoot a post to Doug Dawson. Good chance he can help you get things going.



other thought. Fsuipc hat an option to register what command is actually fired when a spot in fsx is clicked.

(especially in payware planes the "APU ON" switch does not always fire the standard FSX command "APU ON". Often the actual command is very different. (it's then ammunicated/translated to FSX via a gauge, .dll, or .exe file.)


FSUIPC has a "register keystroke" function (also works for clicking mouse.) This registers the exact command that is fired, and tells you what it is.



unrelated, but about the default 737-800. The default overhead may miss working switches, but you could make at least the switches in your overhead work.


If there is a non-functioning switch in the vc or 2d panel, but it works in your fdc, then yes, moving the fdc switch wont show on anything visually the monitor, but it will function.

E.g. 2d Apu switch gauge not workin. Fdc switch does work. --> flicking fdc switch turns on Apu but switch on 2d panel does not move to show it happening.

To avoid confusion you could uninstall any non-functioning gauges. Or replace them with functioning ones. (and edit panel_background images so fake buttons are gone.)

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