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Need help with Airport 2.6


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Does anyone remember how to use and troubleshoot compilation errors with this program? I've tried "package scenery for distribution", but it's not creating a zip file, even though it says it did.


When going under the File menu and selecting "Compile SCASM to Generate BGL", I get the following error from the log file.


Error in line 111

-> Synth 5 00568Block 03582 82 00 1111 0

-> invalid operator .. Block 03582 82 ..

Scasm compilation status: error(s) 1




I'm just trying to do something simple, and I can't get it to create a simple BGL file. Are there any other Airport/Scenery programs for FS98, or is there a way to convert BGL's from FS5.1 to FS98?

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