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Dual monitors

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Hello, so I have P3D v4 setup with dual monitors. It's nice to have the sim on one screen and Navigraph Charts on the other. The problem is that when I make P3D full screen or click on the sim the second screen goes dark and the only way to see the second screen is to put P3D in window mode. Is there anyway I can have P3D running in fullscreen mode while still being able to see what's displayed on the second monitor?



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There was a way to run fsx(...) in a "borderless window". Don't remember the details at the moment. Don't know if that prog is also available for p3d.


Another way might be two pc's. P3d on one, charts on the other. Maybe a tablet for charts.

(Not sure if that requires pc's to be networked. Like they would be for example when running p3d on one, active sky on the other, and having active sky injecting weather into p3d over the network.)


if the charts are not called up from within p3d, but simply looked up in a folder, manually by you, then a network would not be needed. A tablet that has the saved charts is enough.

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Try this.

Open P3D graphics settings and remove the checkmark from Black-out Desktop



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