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Flyinside SIM: Demo released


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Got it a few days ago, and have tried it a few times. Very nice airplanes (especially the T-38). I get a good bit of periodic stutter with it, but I have yet to try adjusting any settings.


The 5 or 6 minute limit on flights in the demo does make it difficult to gain impressions. My suggestion would be that if you want to limit flying time (and that is perfectly reasonable on an otherwise mostly functional demo) change the limit to around 15 minutes. That would allow enough time to get into the air and get it turned around for a few landings. I have yet to be able to sample the landing performance due to the short time limit. Perhaps there is a way to start on final, but I have yet to find it, and I don't have time to run the sim over and over for 5 minutes at a time figuring it out!


Simpler scenery, to be sure, but that fits with the stated intent of being oriented toward VR operations out of the box. We'll have to wait for some good 4K or better VR hardware to see how it fills that bill.


At least the price is right for full access at this point. If I could figure out what is going on with the stuttering I might spring for it, like I did for Aerofly a while back, which was a much higher entry price.


Tony Vallillo

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