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Vickers Vildebeest for fs9 to be uploaded soon


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:) Hi,


I will soon be uploading the Vickers Vildebeest 1930's RAF biplane at this site.

Look for "Tselepides".


Screenshots attached--the uncamouflaged aircraft is my repaint. I will be doing 2 more repaints at least, one ROYAL NAVY a/c and one more RAF a/c.



The original model is by Baldy and it was sent to me by A.F. Scrub--thanks Scrubby!!! I haven't the foggiest where Scrub found it!!


I have added a modded 2D panel for it, but there is no VC.

It also has no pilots, but either Manuele Villa or Scrub will add the pilots, I hope.



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