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Decent Beginner Controllers | Setup


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Hello all! I've always wanted to try flight sims, and have tried here and there, but I really want to up the immersion and have been looking at flight controllers, and googling has yielded mixed results, some say stay away from logitech saitek and ch while others say they are great...


-I am a complete newcomer so anything would be an upgrade and so far I am liking the price of the Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System 945-000023 on eBay for $138 so is this option good?


-Rudders aren't included, but I have seen them at low prices however, they are different brands. Is that okay to use? does all the gear have to be the same brand?

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I have both the CH Products yoke and pedals and they work pretty decent and I have had no trouble with them. In fact, I bought both at a yard sale for a mer $25 for both! Lucky me. I thought they might not work, but they do.


I've seen a lot of posts about people's Saitek yoke's and pedals trying to troubleshoot them. Not so many about CH Products. Maybe Saitek is more popular for some reason.





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I’ll 2nd CH Products - while not as bling rich as most newer models - they’re built tough and of surprising good quality for plastic... I’m on my third full HOTAS with them - the first being the “game port” version if you’re old enough to remember game ports...






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